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Hunger - an ongoing issue in India

boy.gifMany sad hunger stories are being neglected, unheard and ignored in different parts of the world. The victims suffer in silence. Our society is not poorer than it was in the past. Why is that the problems of starvation, malnutrition and other related issues are unabated?

To raise awareness and prompt action on poverty-related issues in the region, the Asian Human Rights Commission has launched a campaign of Hunger Alert. It aims to break the silence of suffering and bring the plight of these people to public concern. Hunger Alert can be reached by email at: <>

Individuals or organisations can send untold stories and latest information concerning those people who face hunger and related problems, or the threat of starvation, together with contact details, to Hunger Alert. Upon verification, the news will be shared with a large audience throughout the world via email networking and Web sites. The approach is modelled on the AHRC's Urgent Appeals programme (, which receives information by email at <>.

Read more on Hunger Alerts.

Hunger Alerts

Page GENERAL (Philippines): Flood aggravates hunger and poor health of the villagers in Davao
The villagers in Kamuhkaan village, Aplaya, Hagonoy municipality, Davao Del Sur province, Mindanao suffer from hunger and lack of food because of flooding which lasted two weeks this time. Due to the flood, the water and soil is contaminated by pesticides coming from a banana plantation nearby. This further aggravates the poor health of the villagers as well as further polluting the environment of the community.
Page UPDATE (India): Call for more attention on handloom weaver community where five children died of malnutrition in Varanasi
We had warned that thirteen children were suffering from acute malnutrition and had asked the relevant government authorities in Varanasi district as well as Uttar Pradesh to take action. Soon after that report, a two-year-old boy Shahabuddin out of thirteen children at risk died of malnutrition (AHRC-HAC-008-2008 and AHRC-HAU-001-2008).
Page INDIA: Two and a half year-old girl died from starvation after her house was destroyed by the village head
Namitha, the daughter of Doodh Nath Pal died on 6 November 2008 from acute starvation. Doodh is 45 years old, son of Late Kharpattu and resident in Gokulpur village, Harhuaa Post Office, Badagoan Police Station, Varanasi District, Uttar Pradesh. He is from the other backward classes (OBC) and a landless labourer. He has lived in this village for 20 years, has a voter identity card and has voted in a number of elections.
Page GENERAL (India): Corruption in public service promotes starvation and malnutrition in Uttar Pradesh
As mentioned in the AHRC's previous urgent appeal, three-year-old Pritam died of hunger on 24 November 24 2007. Pritam was diagnosed as suffering from Grade IV malnourishment (Protein Energy Malnutrition; PEM) and Pneumonia at the Ashopur Primary Health Centre (PHC, register No. 9579) of Tanda Block, Ambedkar Nagar district, on 13 April 2007. Three-year-old Pritam weigh only 5 kilograms at that time. (Please see further: UA-333-2007)
Page INDIA: A three-year-old girl is struggling from malnutrition
Poonam is three years and four months old and is the youngest daughter of Jiya Lai Mushar, resident of the village Dallipur Fattepur in Baragaon block in Varanasi district. On the 28 August 2007, Ponam was diagnosed as malnourished but with the help of PVCHR she was able to receive treatment. However, Poonam's health continued to deteriorate and she became severely malnourished. She was diagnosed as Grade III malnourished by the Primary Health Centre in Newada and weighed only 6 kilograms and 800 grams.
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