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Hunger - an ongoing issue in India

boy.gifMany sad hunger stories are being neglected, unheard and ignored in different parts of the world. The victims suffer in silence. Our society is not poorer than it was in the past. Why is that the problems of starvation, malnutrition and other related issues are unabated?

To raise awareness and prompt action on poverty-related issues in the region, the Asian Human Rights Commission has launched a campaign of Hunger Alert. It aims to break the silence of suffering and bring the plight of these people to public concern. Hunger Alert can be reached by email at: <>

Individuals or organisations can send untold stories and latest information concerning those people who face hunger and related problems, or the threat of starvation, together with contact details, to Hunger Alert. Upon verification, the news will be shared with a large audience throughout the world via email networking and Web sites. The approach is modelled on the AHRC's Urgent Appeals programme (, which receives information by email at <>.

Read more on Hunger Alerts.

Hunger Alerts

Page INDIA: Four-year-old boy died from malnutrition in Uttar Pradesh
Khusbuddin died of malnutrition on 6 February 2008. Khusbuddin was four years old and the son of late Mr. Mohammad Matin. Khusbuddin was suffering from Grade IV malnutrition.
Page INDIA: Yet another person dies from starvation in Uttar Pradesh
Mr. Teras Ram was aged about 45 years and was a handloom weaver. He is from the Chamar community of Baisa village in Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh state. Due to the decline in the handloom weaving industry, Ram was finding it difficult to make a living from weaving. So Ram started to sell sweets and salt door to door for exchange of old goods. From this he managed about 20 – 25 Rupees (USD 0.5-0.6) a day.
Page INDIA: Children dying of starvation due to uninterested government officials
Nine-month-old Seema Musahar died this morning, July 28 in Belwa village, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh after desperate attempts of her mother, 35-year-old Laxmi Musahar to get help for her infant at the local health centre and other places. As the AHRC mentioned in a statement issued yesterday July 27 (AS-180-2006), Laxmi had to pawn her two saris to a neighbour to get some money with which to take her child to get treatment, but still this was not enough to save her.
Page INDIA: The 'blame game' continues between state officials and local authorities over the starvation deaths of 8 persons
The victims; Moral Hembram, Bidoy Hembram, Mongla Mardi, Som Besra, Sundari Hembram, Malati Kisku, Dharni Murmu and Ghasirena Tudu; were all members of the so-called "backward classes" of caste-conscious India.
Page PAKISTAN: Government neglect in drought-affected region leaves thousands malnourished in Tharparkar District
The current drought in Tharparkar has left many villagers suffering from malnutrition and other hunger-related illnesses. The villagers rely on the consumption of milk from livestock as their primary source of food but the drought has killed off a larger number of animals, and milk production has severely dwindled. Livestock comprises of almost 80 percent of the district's economy, and the shortage of animals has also significantly decreased the villagers' purchasing power. Thus, the victims can neither rely on animal husbandry and farming in the village as a source of food, nor can they afford to buy food in the markets. Potable water also does not exist in the area anymore as most of the ground wells have gone dry. This has increased the incidence of malnutrition and the young, elderly and pregnant being more susceptible.
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