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Hunger - an ongoing issue in India

boy.gifMany sad hunger stories are being neglected, unheard and ignored in different parts of the world. The victims suffer in silence. Our society is not poorer than it was in the past. Why is that the problems of starvation, malnutrition and other related issues are unabated?

To raise awareness and prompt action on poverty-related issues in the region, the Asian Human Rights Commission has launched a campaign of Hunger Alert. It aims to break the silence of suffering and bring the plight of these people to public concern. Hunger Alert can be reached by email at: <>

Individuals or organisations can send untold stories and latest information concerning those people who face hunger and related problems, or the threat of starvation, together with contact details, to Hunger Alert. Upon verification, the news will be shared with a large audience throughout the world via email networking and Web sites. The approach is modelled on the AHRC's Urgent Appeals programme (, which receives information by email at <>.

Read more on Hunger Alerts.

Hunger Alerts

Page UPDATE (Philippines): A villager died due to lack of food and access to medical treatment due to extreme poverty
The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) regrets to inform that an impoverished villager died on July 25, 2010. The family had been suffering from lack of food and could not afford to take the deceased to the hospital before he died. After the extreme situation of the family was reported (AHRC-HAG-001-2009), the government authority denied that they were living in hunger and poverty. Following his death the provincial government donated 25 kilograms of rice, and sand for the deceased’s burial. The family testified that they hardly manage adequate food and exist on rice and bananas.
Page BANGLADESH: Extremely poor elderly are denied their right to life with dignity, deprived of food and health security in Gaibandha district
The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received further information regarding the elderly suffering from food and health insecurity in Northern Bangladesh, which was initially reported in case (AHRC-HAG-002-2010). Four elderly have been denied their right to adequate food and health care, despite being eligible to receive benefits from the social security programs aiming to ensure food and health security in Bangladesh. All are landless, suffer from a range of health problems, and have no fixed source of income. They are reduced to begging because of the lack of the necessary funds to secure relief cards. It is alleged that corruption is involved because there is evidence that relief cards are only allocated to those who pay sufficient bribes to the officials.
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