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Hunger - an ongoing issue in India

boy.gifMany sad hunger stories are being neglected, unheard and ignored in different parts of the world. The victims suffer in silence. Our society is not poorer than it was in the past. Why is that the problems of starvation, malnutrition and other related issues are unabated?

To raise awareness and prompt action on poverty-related issues in the region, the Asian Human Rights Commission has launched a campaign of Hunger Alert. It aims to break the silence of suffering and bring the plight of these people to public concern. Hunger Alert can be reached by email at: <>

Individuals or organisations can send untold stories and latest information concerning those people who face hunger and related problems, or the threat of starvation, together with contact details, to Hunger Alert. Upon verification, the news will be shared with a large audience throughout the world via email networking and Web sites. The approach is modelled on the AHRC's Urgent Appeals programme (, which receives information by email at <>.

Read more on Hunger Alerts.

Hunger Alerts

Page INDIA: A three-year-old girl may die from acute starvation in Varanasi
Gudia is three and half-year old and is the daughter of Mr. Sanjay Kumar Gaur. Kumar's family resides at Soyepur Madwa in Harahua block of Varanasi district. Gudia was born under weighed and was blind at birth. Gudia is the youngest and the third child in the family. The family belongs to the Gaur community in Uttar Pradesh. The Gaur being a scheduled caste community, they are considered untouchable by the dominant upper caste Hindus in India.
Page INDIA: State government fails to punish corrupt shopkeeper who runs a ration shop in Varanasi
On 7 March 2008 the Sant Ravidas Nagar district government issued an order to dismiss the contract of Mr. Mithlesh Kumar, the PDS shopkeeper of Gohilawn village and to merge this PDS shop with the PDS shop in Arjunpur village, Bhadohi Block which is run by Mr. Mohammad Aziz.
Page INDIA: Nine families suffer from hunger due to alleged corruption and negligence
Nine Musahar families in Khargupur village, Sevapuri Block, Varanasi district received the government assistance for their housings in 2003. They were given Indian Rupees 10,000 (USD 263) respectively from Sirhiri branch of the Union Bank of India.
Page INDIA: Two-year-old girl may die of malnutrition in Uttar Pradesh
Anjali, daughter of Mr. Shiv Nath Bhar, is two years old. On 4 January 2008, Anjali was identified to be suffered from Grade III malnutrition at the Primary Health Centre (PHC) of Baragaon Block. The medical report was verified by the Anganwadi worker Ms. Pushpa Tiwari who registered Anjali at the Anganwari Centre (Child care centre). Anjali has been suffering from starvation since the past few months.
Page INDIA: Three-year-old Dalit boy may die soon from acute starvation in Jaunpur
Mukesh [picture 1] is three year old. He is the son of Mr. Ram Lagan. They belong to the Chamar community of Bhaisa village in Kerakat administrative block of Jaunpur district. Mukesh may die due to malnutrition if immediate assistance is not provided to him. Mukesh is suffering from Grade IV Malnutrition and he weighs only 5.5 kilograms.
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