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Response to the cases reported before 2009

A letter from the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) of India in regards to the case no. HA-12-2005

The letter says that the government of Uttar Pradesh denied all the fact reported in the case that the family suffered from hunger and mother and her daughter died suffering from starvation. Instead, the NHRC explains in its letter only based on the information from the state government who in fact failed to protect the food security of the victim family that mother died of illness after giving a birth and a few days later, her 16-year-old daughter died of anger caused by her mother's death. Despite of the fact that the case was reported in June 2005, the NHRC only sent a letter to the AHRC in March 2010. It adds that the case is closed without any further communication. Please go to the AHRC website to learn about the original case. Case no. is HA-12-2005 that can be found out at

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