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Response to the case reported in 2010

Government letter on HAC-003-2010, Bhuje Naik, Orissa

This is a government letter from Revenue and Disaster Management Department, Orissa regarding starvation death of Bhuje Nail and her seven children suffering from starvation and child labour. After receiving the letter, the AHRC in regard of response to the government's response, released a statement, AHRC-STM-042-2010.

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BHuje Nail case: a letter from the Family Welfare Department, Orissa

The letter was sent by Health and Family Welfare Department, Orissa stating that they were informed about the case.

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A letter from the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on the case of 28 children died of malnutrition in Jhabua district, Madhya Pradesh

This is the letter from the NHRC requiring the Senior Superintendent of Police to conduct inquiry and submit a report on the case.

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Letter from the NHRC of India regaring the case no. HAC-005-2010_corruption of NREGA

The letter informs that the NHRC received the complaint (issued on March 8) dated on April 1, 2010 which was transmitted to the concerned authorities for action to be taken.

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AHRC-HAG-001-2010_Nuapada district Collector

The letter says that the corrupt officials involved in the case are suspended and under investigation.

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AHRC-HAG-001-2010_National Human Rights Commission

The AHRC has received a letter dated on June 1 from the National Human Rights Commission in response to the complaint (AHRC-HAG-001-2010) regarding the corrupt officials who had misappropriated the government funds under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) that should have paid for the poor workers. The NHRC transferred the case to the Orissa state Human Rights Commission and asked SSP of Nuapada district to conduct investigation and summit the report within two weeks.

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HAC-006-2010_Department of Social Welfare and Development

The Department of Social Welfare and Development sent a field officer to conduct a research on the 28 families illegally evicted.

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